Meet the E-Board

Abigail Peckham: Editor-in-Chief

Abigail Peckham ’21 is a 3L full-time day student and Editor-in-Chief of the UMass Law Review. After graduating from Providence College with a BA in Spanish and an Associate Degree in Business, she decided to put her degree to use—as a bartender. Two years, a thousand mojitos, and one moving van later, she returned to Rhode Island to work with commercial and construction industry arbitrations and mediations at the American Arbitration Association. Law school has been the most recent chapter in her commitment to accountability, fairness, and giving back to her community. 

After graduation Abigail hopes to engage in meaningful work with a focus on community development, accessible legal education and affordable representation. In 2019, a legal internship with the Massachusetts’ Attorney General’s Office laid the groundwork for her career plans. She currently interns at an intellectual property firm that focuses on actualizing client business goals through a wholistic approach. She also works as a teaching assistant for Contracts Professor Jeremiah Ho. Her research and scholarship as a member of UMass Law Review has focused on the philosophical limitations of the law as applied to fundamental freedoms and individual identity. 

            Abigail currently lives in Rhode Island where she loves paddle boarding, is an avid gardener, yoga practitioner, and a dog-cat-chicken mom. 

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